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4.5. Exceptions :

/Io ; gu| * to fall,                  = to wake up

These two intransitive verbs, even without  / of at the end

undergo duplication.

In 38         duplicative \erbs eight verbs are not gove-

rned by this rule.

/so :/ = to bear fruit

/u:/  to go


/go : w/ = to

Though the above         are monosyllables they did not get


/bo ro :/ =*= to

/kurro; / * to cook

|lu do: / =


/o ; bo :/ = to bile

/so pi y/ = to steal.

Though the above five verbs end in / o:/ and are bisyllabics

they are not duplicated* A detailed analysis of more verba'

forms is necessary to find out whether the verbel forms, deri-

ved from nouns, fall into the group of non duplicatives or

follow some other principle.

In the above eight examples given under exceptions,  theee

have their corresponding nouns.   There may be many more

like that.

The nouns will be used as verbs also without any change

in the form.

= fruit   /bullnr = to ripen

= bath /Mma:n/ = to bathe

/ludo/ = laughter /lodo/ = laugh.